At Kalpa Druma, we're reviving the lost glory of India's rich craft heritage.
We're taking you back to your roots with our authentic Indian products featuring exquisite Indian techniques, fabric, motifs, and handicrafts.

As our name suggests, we're a wish-yielding tree with a range of Indian-inspired products across Handicrafts, Jewellery, Home Textiles, Garments, Sarees,
and Organic Food, made with reverence for the environment and craftsmanship.

We pride ourselves in supporting the artisan community across India, as we source lush indigenous fabric, employ natural dyes where possible,
and use time-tested techniques to create products that are designed to last, inspired by natural design, and influenced by the Indian culture that we are rooted in.


Conscience is a range of earth-friendly, evocatively designed and impeccably crafted products, to adorn the lifestyle of those who nurture their bond with nature.

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Have you visited our experienced furnishings studio yet?
Combining the best in design with bespoke tailoring, we work alongside India's leading textile
mills, weavers in Malabar, tradespeople, and professionals to bring you the latest in décor;
sure to transform your interior vibe and give it the breath of fresh air it needs!
Step into our HomeArt studio
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